What is the Best Time of the Year to go Camping?


What is the best time of the year to go camping? What is your favorite season? Each of the different types of camping has its own fascinations, advantages, and disadvantages. For one thing, different times of the year present different views and types of light.

Summertime is the most popular season for camping because the weather is typically warm and dry. The downside is that campsites can become very crowded during the summer months. You need to plan well in advance, make your reservations and arrive early, especially on weekends and more importantly if you do it with your youngsters – they are picky and need their own camping stuff as well, like kids camping chairs. You didn’t think about that, isn’t it?

Also, since you’re bringing in the whole family, go with a big family tent with swinging door and 2 rooms.

Some people find winter camping to be more satisfying because of the extra challenges involved, compared with summer. If you have that special strength and courage that is required, you might enjoy sleeping outdoors in “milder” weather. It can also boost your self-confidence to know that you have the ingenuity and preparedness to ride out that kind of adventure.

There are certainly some advantages to camping in the winter. There are no flies, mosquitoes, snakes or bears to worry you; besides, winter wilderness views can be breathtaking.

You can also benefit from the fact that winter campgrounds will most likely be sparsely occupied, more quiet and cheaper.

Not to forget that there are potential dangers one needs to be prepared for, such as large clumps of snow dropping from branches overhead. Yet, with good planning, you can still enjoy the slower pace of winter camping.


Some Winter Camping Safety Tips:


1. Keep yourself active. Movement helps to generate body heat.

2. If you see a storm approaching, put on your rain gear. If you get wet, change immediately into warm, dry clothing; damp clothes will quickly draw heat from your body.

3. Drink plenty of water to avoid hypothermia. The constant heavy breathing from physical activity will expel moisture from your body; the water you drink can replace that. Drink water even when you don’t feel thirsty. A gallon per day should be fine.

4. Following the tips above and wearing layered clothing, especially polyurethane-foam-insulated, can help prevent frostbite.

5. Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates and avoid sugar-rich foods and starches.

6. Be aware of your body’s reactions. If you begin to shiver, immediately do something to warm yourself up before numbness and uncontrollable shaking sets in.

Note that hypothermia occurs generally in wet, windy weather, between temperatures of 30-50 degrees F.

Fall (autumn) camping is becoming more popular with family campers. Nature can indeed be beautiful during this season. With fewer people and insects to trouble you, camping in the fall can be the ideal option for you. Pack in your warm clothes and enjoy the autumn season.

Springtime is the season of transition. The snow is slowly melting away and you will be itching to go outdoors and enjoy Nature after the long, cold winter. The fish are spawning and the ducks are returning. But you won’t want to hunt them, will you?

tent camping tips for beginners

You can go hiking, canoeing or stand-up paddleboarding, fishing and swimming. Don’t forget to take your camera along, too – there should be plenty of memorable sights to capture!

Each of the 4 seasons offers its own unique and exciting challenges. Remember that, when you are camping, you are dealing with the wild. Get to know the basic survival skills so that you can confidently apply them when needed. Stay alert and, as always, be prepared!

Final Thoughts

What is the best time of the year to go camping? What is your favorite campground? Do share your ideas with us!

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4 thoughts on “What is the Best Time of the Year to go Camping?”

  1. Since I live in the Caribbean, we go camping all year round. My favorite camping spots are on the beach and in my backyard. It’s one of the best strategies I know for instant stress relief!

    • How lucky you are! Here in the Western Cape our camping season is typically from October to May, with an assortment of camping locations.

  2. I have never camped in the winter, except in Florida; but, that doesn’t count. I used to camp a lot when I was younger, and I really miss it at times. We don’t have a camper anymore, and I am too old for tent camping now.

    • I know how you feel. But you’ll always have wonderful memories of the outdoors, won’t you? Enjoy every moment!


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