Teton Sports Scout 3400 Backpack Review

Exploring the great outdoors is more fun – and certainly more comfortable – when you have all the tools and items that you will need. Most importantly, you should have a reliable backpack in which to carry your equipment. It is an essential part of your hiking gear and you will need it on all your outdoor adventures. So, without anymore ado, this is my Teton Sports Scout 3400 review.

Backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are not limited to hiking; you can use them for other activities, too.

Purchasing a backpack usually involves a lot of personal preference. However, there are some features that you should make sure your hiking knapsack has. The ideal backpack should be lightweight and comfortable to carry. It should have a durable frame, quality construction and the capacity to contain all the things you will need for your hike.

With the ideal features in mind, I have come across one that looks like a good contender: the TETON Sports Scout 3400 backpack. This is suitable for beginners as well as experienced hikers for “lighter” trips. Let’s take a more detailed look at its features.

TETON Sports Backpack Internal Frame, Tan, 55L


Features of the Teton Sports Scout 3400

The TETON Sports Scout 3400 is made from a durable and lightweight 600D polyester Oxford canvas shell and 600D diamond ripstop. This ensures that it withstands even the most rugged adventures.

The 55-liter capacity provides enough room for all the items you will be needing for a 2-4 day trip. It has a dimension of 30” x 17” x 12” and a weight of 4.5 lbs., which is a comfortable size and weight for a smaller adult or teen to carry.


The main compartment can be accessed from the top, just below the top lid. Aside from this space, there is an additional 3-5 liters of volume that can still fit in the collar if you need more space. There are 2 reliable drawstring closures that you can use. One is for the usual load and the other is for when the collar is in an extended position.

Inside the main compartment is a water bladder sleeve that can accommodate up to 3 liters of water. The backpack has a convenient opening for the water hose at the rear. The lid has multiple compartments too, including an internal zippered pocket, an external zippered pocket, and a compression bungee mesh.


More Compartments

The front side has, even more, room for your gear with another bungee mesh and a mesh pocket below it for storing smaller items. The bottom compartment acts as the storage space for your sleeping bag; there are 2 compression straps that you can use to secure it.

TETON Sports Backpack Internal Frame, Tan, 55L

Additional zippered pockets on each side flare outwards to provide more room for storage while not using up the space of the main compartment. Below these are mesh pockets that provide a handy storage for water bottles. There is also a pocket at the bottom back part which contains the integrated water-resistant rainfly for when unexpected rain showers occur. With these pockets and compartments, you can fit your packed items in a more organized manner.

Even with the additional weight of the items you packed into it, the knapsack can still be comfortably carried. This is thanks to the well-padded shoulder straps that make carrying gentler on the shoulders. An adjustable upper load chest strap and adjustable and padded waist belt ensure that the pack is kept close to the body for proper weight distribution.

The pack has a very durable internal frame. It can also be removed and replaced when the bag needs to be washed, although some may find it a bit challenging to put it back. The torso length is also adjustable and it runs from 15” to 19.5”, which helps to provide a more customized fit for users of varying torso length or height.

TETON Sports Backpack Internal Frame, Tan, 55L

Your back will certainly love the fit of this item because of the open-cell-foam lumbar pad with molded channels. This provides not only enough cushioning for the back but also adequate airflow to prevent your back from becoming excessively sweaty during the hike.

The front straps keep the bag from opening and make sure your load is properly compact.

The backpack is black in color with the exception of the lid, front panel and an accent piece on the front pocket. These can come in coyote tan, hunter green or Mecca orange. Each color blends well with the black straps and mesh. This backpack also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.



Having a reliable backpack that you can use for hiking or traveling makes it easier for you to enjoy your adventures. Products such as this TETON Sports Scout 3400 provide a compact way to carry all the things you need. This bag has a lot of useful features and comes at an affordable price, which makes it a good choice for a budding hiker.

The torso length is also adjustable but it is ideal for those who are 5’8” and smaller. It may work better for a shorter adult or a teen.

Considering all the features, pros and cons, I can recommend the TETON Sports Scout 3400 backpack. It is a decent purchase and its durability should make it a useful item for years to come.

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Backpack
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Durable construction
Price is more on the affordable side
Convenient pockets and compartments
Comfortable when carried, even when fully packed
Zippers are quite difficult to use and may get ripped
Aluminum stays can be difficult to put back once removed
May be too small for people who are taller

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