Odoland Single Burner Camping Stove Review

One of the essential things that you need to pack for your adventure is a reliable camping stove. Although you can decide to eat your packed meals cold outdoors, an outdoor single-burner propane stove can provide you with an easy way to prepare your food.

There’s no need to carry heavy and bulky equipment or look for wood to build a campfire on which to cook.

Although camping heaters can be considered essential, you shouldn’t buy just everything. Your stove should be durable enough to withstand the amount of use you put it through. It should also be functionally designed and lightweight to make it easy for you to transport. With these factors in mind, I’ve gone ahead and examined the Odoland outdoor single burner propane stove. Here’s my detailed review of this popular camping cooker, beginning with its features.

Odoland Camping Stove Features

The Odoland Camping Heater is versatile and compact, having dimensions of 4.5” x 5.5” x 5.5”. With its light weight of only 1.35 lbs., it requires the minimum of space in your backpack. You could even keep it at home as a backup stove in case of an emergency.

Don’t be fooled by its small size and lightweight. This device is quite capable of handling the weight of your food and your cookware. Its 4 sturdy legs can be retracted to make it more compact when not in use.


Windproof design

One of the greatest features of this gizmo is the windproof design. This makes it suitable for use in all kinds of weather conditions. Thanks to its heat-resistant, stainless steel baffles, the fire can be protected against the strong wind.

The baffles can easily be folded into a more compact size or opened up and spread. This makes it possible for you to cook with pans and pots of various sizes. These baffles initially come covered with a plastic material which you must remove before using the stove for the first time. For storing and transporting, you can simply fold it to its more compact position so it can fit back into its carry case.


Electronic ignition system

This camping stove makes use of a piezo electronic ignition system, so you can use it in just about any kind of weather conditions. Just press the lever to ignite the burner and start cooking. The broad burner heads enable a wider spread of the flames so it can heat up the pan in a more efficient and even manner. It’s so efficient that it can boil 1 liter of water in just 4 minutes.

The flame is easily controllable; you can vary the heat when needed. Rotating the flame controller clockwise lowers the heat until it completely shuts off the gas for the camping stove. With the size of the flame controlled, you can simmer food even when outdoors. Three sturdy prongs are positioned over the burner to ensure that the pan is properly supported and balanced.

The nozzle at the end of the hose is compatible with two kinds of fuel tanks: a screw-top tank that has a 7/16” thread single top or a regular butane tank. If you’re using a screw-top tank, remove the adapter to expose the threads on the nozzle. For a regular butane tank, attach the adapter to the nozzle. You might be thinking that white gas might be a better alternative for cooking but propane is still the 1st choice since it’s easier to work with. Check out our white gas vs propane comparison.

Overall, this Odoland outdoor single-burner propane stove looks good and functions well too. The heater is accented with an orange base, which adds a bit of color without being overly loud. It also comes at a pretty affordable price.


Final verdict

A portable stove is truly a remarkable tool that is useful not only during your outdoor adventures but also in emergency situations at home. I would recommend the Odoland as a great buy at a very affordable price.

I believe that this item checks all the basic needs that you would expect from a camping stove and even more. The windproof design is a very important and useful feature when using it outdoors. It is made of durable materials and is solidly constructed. I would expect it to withstand a lot of use.

I also liked the lightweight and compact design of this portable cooker. It provides some serious comfort when going outdoor without needing much space in your backpack. Although I feel that the control knob could be made more durable, I’m sure that with proper care and use it should last you through many a camping season.


Outdoor single-burner propane stove
Odoland Single Burner Camping Stove Review
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Windproof design makes it possible to use in any kind of weather conditions;
Comes with a flame controller that allows for a variety of heat settings;
Has 2 kinds of connectors that are compatible with different gas tanks;
Compact and lightweight;
Affordable price;
Carry-case could be better quality;
Over-tightening the gas control valve can loosen the glue that holds it in place; SOLUTION: take care when shutting off the gas after cooking - don't over-tighten;
Although there is an adapter included to make it compatible with other gas tanks, sometimes it might not fit your tanks.