How to Make a Torch – 5 DIY Tutorials to Awaken the Survivalist Inside

There is a wide range of torches today in the market with different sizes, designs, and features. All you have to do is to walk into any electrical store near you and select the torch that best suits you.

While some of these torches can be gotten at reasonable prices, there are some that can bust your budget.

But you don’t have to bother about this.

There are a lot of people who enjoy building their own torches as a homemade project for fun. To them, the experience is liberating.

Crafting stuff out of nothing makes us feel good. The fact that you are here simply means that you are willing to undertake this journey.

So luckily, I am going to guide you on how to build 5 different torches. But before you get yourself so excited, I have to warn you.

The procedures are going to expose you to naked fire. So it is important you take precautions to get yourself and your immediate environment protected.

So if you are ready, let’s get started and check out the video tutorials and instructions.


1. How to make a medieval torch in 5 minutes

You might not have touched one before, but you might have seen them in a couple of movies.

Luckily, you are going to learn how to build one in 5 minutes. The good news is everything you would need is something you can easily get inside your house, though you might have to walk outside to get the wooden dowel unless you already have one.

The other materials you are going to need are high percentage alcohol(above 70%), a 100% cotton pair of socks and a thin wire.

So to build this one, carefully roll the socks on one end of the dowel to form a smooth mold. Now use the thin wire to tightly fasten the rolled socks on the dowel.

You are done!

To light it, you have to spray the alcoholic content on the socks as much as you want depending on how long you want it to last.

You have to understand that it’s difficult to put out especially if you used a large quantity of alcohol. You just have to wait till it burns out.

While you wait for that to happen, you can enjoy the taste of the medieval lifestyle. But make sure you don’t go near anything flammable.


2. How to make a blow torch

This kind has wide applications in soldering and welding. It is also widely used in kitchens to caramelize sugar, heat up knives and searing meats.

Luckily you can build one for yourself. Though this one might not be useful in metalwork, you can still use it for other minor things.

So to build this, you would need:

  • A clinical syringe
  • 2 needles
  • gas lighter
  • a memo board thumbtack
  • glue
  • a pair of pliers and cutter.

Let’s get started:

  1. Pick up the lighter and carefully remove the steel cap to reveal the tiny flame nozzle.
  2. Now, pull it out and insert one of the needles into the hole. But you have to cut-off the bevel tip before doing that.
  3. Apply glue at the joint, to hold the needle firmly, then cut-off the hub to form a longer nozzle.
  4. Then replace the steel cap.
  5. Use the plier(luckily for you, there are a couple of gizmos called multitools which could actually even save your life) to bend the nozzle to the side of the lighter towards a 45o angle to complete the first stage.
  6. Now pick up the syringe and pull the plunger out. Use the thumbtack to make a small hole on the syringe barrel that the nozzle can fit in.
  7. Finish up the project by inserting the lighter nozzle into the hole.
  8. Apply glue around the opening and also use it to fasten the lighter firmly on the syringe.
  9. Push back the plunger till it gets close to the lighter nozzle.
  10. Fit the last needle on the syringe and cut out the bevel to finish it.

To enjoy it, hold the lighter lever to release the gas, then lit the nozzle to fire it.


3. How to make a Tiki torch


This kind of torch originates in Tiki culture where is used as festive decorations.

It is made out of a bamboo stick which is designed to hold a container with a flammable liquid at the top. A wick is lit to draw fuel from that container.

You might not need one for any festival, but a Tiki torch can add some beauty to your garden.

So to build one, you would need a jar, wick, liquid fuel, wooden pole, pieces of woods, a metal spike, hose barb, drilling and cutting instruments.

To get started, cut the wood pieces into shape and fasten to the other end of the wooden pool to form three arms that can hold the jar aesthetically.

You might need little help from a carpenter if you lack the basic carpentry skill.

lighted tiki torch near sea at nightWhen you finish up with this stage, then drill a hole at the other end of the pool and shove one-third of the metal spike inside. The other end of the spike will be shoved into the ground to stand it.

To prepare the lamp, remove the tin lid of the jar and drill a hole that is big enough to hold the hose barb.

Thread the hose barb through the hole and soldier firmly.

To finish the lamp, pass the wick through the hose barb, empty the liquid fuel into the jar and close tightly with the lid.

Now place the lamp into the arms of the stand, then lit the lamp to light up your garden. Wicked!


4. How to make a storm-proof tree-resin torch in the wood


If you’re an outdoor lover, one day you might need or want this torch during one of your adventures in the wood.

To build one, you would have to locate a pine tree to pick some pine cones. Cut a stick that will be used for the stand and then locate a good tree to pick some solid resin – which as you already know, is flammable.

To build it, stick the resin right into the pine cone until the pine cone is completely covered with it.

Use a pen knife to split one end of the stick into 4 arms to hold the pine cone.

Use any nearby twig to tie the pine cone firmly. Shove the other end of the stick into the ground.

That’s all, folks! You just got yourself a storm-proof torch. You can ignite it any time you want.


5. Swedish fire survival torch


Another campfire technique I should also want to try is the Swedish fire survival torch.

The good thing about this campfire is that you can also use it to cook. It works by burning neatly arranged logs of woods inside out, from top to down.

Unlike other campfires, this one is self-feeding and self-ventilating so you don’t have to bother about tending the fire.

To build your own survival torch, here’s what you need:

  • Logs of wood that are as thick as your arm
  • a saw
  • barks of wood
  • paracord or wire.

Saw the logs into equal length and arrange them into a bundle. Make sure you have a smooth surface you can cook on.

Firmly tie the bundle so that it can stand like a single log and stuff the barks of wood and other kindling like dry leaves in-between the logs.

You are done! Now carry it and position where you would like to use it.

To enjoy the primitive life, just ignite it and allow it to burn.


Wrapping it up

Following these easy-to-implement tutorials will help you build your own, either for your home use or outdoor adventures.

Like I stated earlier, you have to be careful with the live fire so that you won’t end up burning yourself and damage anything in your environment.

Though your torches might not be able to compete with the commercial ones in terms of beauty and durability, however, the joy of building your own from scratch is priceless.

Luckily they’re easy to build, take less time and usually, they cost nothing. Just set aside an afternoon and give these a try!

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