Best Survival and Emergency Whistles for 2019

Finding yourself in a life-threatening or emergency situation and being at a loss about what to do is not pleasant. This is why you should know how crucial it is for you to own a whistle.

Though inexpensive, it is one of the most efficient ways to draw attention and ensure you get help in case of emergency situations as fast as possible.




One of the best things you can do to protect your life is to be proactive, especially if you are in an emergency or survival situation.

For an outdoorsy person going on a hike by yourself and ending up getting lost can be very terrifying. Even when you shout for help, your voice may not carry more than a few meters and could also be lost in the wind. Also, if you end up losing your sense of direction or can’t find the trail, then it can really be frightening.

A specialized tool such as a survival whistle can make a loud and piercing noise, penetrating the wind and notifying anyone within a radius of a few kilometers that someone needs help. It is an excellent tool for getting the attention you need urgently.

This is why it is very crucial for everyone in your group of hikers to carry it at all times together with the must-haves like a mini first-aid kit.


What should you look for in an emergency survival whistle?

A survival kit is not complete without an emergency whistle. But you shouldn’t just go out there to purchase any survival whistle you fancy without carrying out any research.

There are myriads of such specialized tools on the market today. Therefore, you need to learn or follow some tips in your quest for selecting the best survival whistle that you can add to your kit whenever you are ready to embark on your outdoor adventures.


The following are the stuff you must watch out for before buying any survival whistle of your choice:



This is the first thing you should look for when in need of a survival whistle. The best out there are made of durable materials. Most of them are made of plastic, but their qualities differ.

So you need to ensure that you go for the one that is made of a high-quality plastic material. You can count on it at any time not to let you down in any way.


The aim of buying one in the first instance is to be heard when and if you get into trouble and need to call for help, especially if you are in an area with no cell reception. It must be the type that pierces the wind when blown, almost deafening.

This is why a survival whistle that emits sounds that range from 90 to 120 decibels is an excellent choice. Such decibel levels will make you heard above noises in the areas surrounding you such as engine roars or breaking waves of the ocean and can also carry over great distances.

Remember that if it’s not loud, it won’t be of any good to you if you are in an emergency situation anywhere.

Easy to access and carry

Going on outdoors adventures can be exhilarating until you find yourself in an emergency situation. This is why you need to be sure that it can readily be accessed at such times.

It should come with a lanyard attachment that can easily break away when you apply pressure to it. Whistles that come with lanyard attachments can be worn around the neck which means you can carry them easily and close enough to be accessed when the need arises.

Some malfunction or fail under particular conditions. You don’t want to pick such, do you? You need a survival whistle that does not deteriorate, overblown, freeze or jam when you need it most.

It must give off penetrating and high-pitched sounds at any time, irrespective of any weather condition or outside forces and can depend on at all times.

Therefore go for the one which gives a louder sound the harder you blow it for this is what you need in an emergency situation.


They come in a variety of colors, but it is expedient that you go for a whistle that can easily be seen in the dark. Make sure you carry out one of that handy red LED flashlights if you can’t spot it in the dark.

Yes, that black survival whistle you are already eyeing on that web page looks attractive, but the more useful ones are the types that come in bright colors.


What are the uses of a survival whistle?

Although a survival whistle may appear trivial to you, it could be the tool that will save your life when you are out there in rough country or backwoods.


The following are the uses of survival whistles:

Signal for help

This is perhaps the major reason why they were invented. If you depend on the rescue team to find you, you could end up waiting forever.

Depending on your voice to get the much-needed attention is foolhardy and may not even be strong enough to go far. The best way to call for attention in such emergency situations is by blowing it and letting the rescue team pinpoint your location without further delay.

If you find yourself stranded on a lifeboat while traveling on the ocean and you see a large boat in the distance, a survival whistle can get the attention of the people on board and help will come your way soon enough.

Scare animals away

You need to be able to protect yourself from animals like the mountain lion, wolves, and other predators whenever you are in the wilderness. Most encounters with dangerous animals happen suddenly, and you may not have a weapon to protect yourself.

A loud blare can scare animals away, especially those who don’t like high-pitched noises. Of course, this may not work, but it is worth a shot if you cannot get a weapon to protect yourself fast enough.

Survive a natural disaster

A majority of natural disasters that occur usually take place without warning. This is why you must ensure that is always nearby or accessible in your emergency kit.

This can help you a lot if you find yourself trapped under a collapsed building – if an earthquake hit your area. You should not depend on rescue dogs to sniff you out as it could take hours or days.

It will attract the attention of rescuers to your areas faster than rescue dogs will.

Scare hoodlums away

Have you ever been stalked by a thief or hoodlum? It can be horrifying, especially if you need to pass alleyways that are not lit by streetlamps. This is where a survival whistle comes in handy.

All criminals hate attracting attention when they are committing their nefarious acts, but that is what will happen when you blow it. This unexpected move on your part can scare the living daylights out of them, and have them running away from the area before help arrives.


Now, let’s take them one by one:


In conclusion

Survival whistles are a necessary accessory that must always be part of your survival preparedness kit, especially if you love going for outdoors adventures. No one expects any emergency situation to crop up, but when you are prepared when it occurs, it could mean the difference between life and death. Choose the right one and be assured of your safety in emergency situations in the wilderness.



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