When you’re packing for a camping or hiking trip, one thing you mustn’t forget to include is a first-aid kit. You’ll be roughing it for a few days and there’s no telling what might cross your path. Although you will be transporting other essential equipment already, even the best small first-aid kit won’t take up much space in your backpack.

Judging by the number of positive reviews you can find on the internet, you might say that Surviveware’s First Aid Kit could well be the best mini first-aid kit for hiking or camping.

Small First Aid Kit for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car & Cycling. With Waterproof Laminate Bags You Protect Your Supplies! Be Prepared For All Outdoor Adventures or at Home & Work

Best Features of SurviveWare’s Mini First Aid Kit

  • The Surviveware First-Aid Kit is strongly made from 600D polyester; it is designed to last.
  • It contains a large, stainless-steel scissors that can cut through clothing or nylon webbing.
  • The carry-bag is securely stitched and water resistant to safeguard its valuable contents in bad weather.
  • The kit contains 100 essential items, yet weighs only one pound. It measures 5.5 x 7.5x 3.5 inches – small enough to fit into your car’s glove compartment.
  • It has MOLLE-compatible straps on the back that allow you to attach the bag to your backpack or belt.
  • The inner double-laminate bags are waterproof to protect their contents from moisture.
  • In times of crisis, you need to be organized. Each inner sleeve is labeled according to its purpose. You can easily retrieve any item you want, then afterward return it to its place.
  • There is a separate pouch for your own prescription medication; there is also a little extra space available for your unique requirements.
  • The bag is guaranteed for life;


About the Contents of this First-Aid Kit

I would be glad to list all the items that you’ll get with the Surviveware First-Aid Kit; however, I’m sure you won’t want to go through a list of 100 items! Instead, sit back and let our demonstrators show you exactly what you’ll find:

Be a Hero!

How can you become a hero? For every kit sold, Surviveware will donate $1 to Hands-Free. Your purchase could help to give someone a better future.


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