Best Red LED Flashlights for 2019

red led flashlights

Have you ever tried working with bright white light in the dark? Can you recall what it felt like once the light was put off? Most people have reported going blind for a brief moment once the white light was removed. I guess you might have experienced same. Hunters, stargazers, and military personnel have affection for the red LED flashlights; this is especially true when they have to hunt, star gaze, and conduct military operations at night respectively.


What is it about red led flashlights that made suitable for use in darkness?

Well, to answer that, let’s first look at how white flashbulbs work. The light produced by regular LEDs or bulbs contain all the wavelength of the visible light; that is wavelengths from 100nm to 700nm are present in the light.

The implication is a blindingly bright light that is unsuitable for discreet work in the dark.

Remember, a hunter needs to be discreet to avoid spooking the animal they’re hunting; a stargazer needs to prevent light pollution to spot stars; while service members may need to remain undetectable as a carry out dangerous ops in the dark.

Here’s where Red LED flashlights comes in handy. By nature, red lights are undetectable from a distance, doesn’t introduce light pollution, and they don’t spook animals.

They are an excellent tool when trying to preserve night vision – you don’t have to adjust your night vision when using them; also your field of view includes the peripheral areas that fall off the red light beam.

Also, map reading becomes a lot easier since the light provides greater contrast; hence, enabling you to see far more details than a white light would have highlighted.

Red LED flashlights are not only used in the dark; they can also be used to send signals and will serve you well in extreme conditions like dry camping.

Deciding on the type of red led flashlight to purchase is quite tricky since there are so many products on the market. So to help you, I’ve done the legwork for you by listing out the best red LED flashlights.








Wrapping it up

Red Lights are an excellent light source to light your path in the dark without losing your night vision. They’re great for night hunting, star gazing and during military ops.

There’re several red-LED flashlights on the market, and we hope our list will guide you make the best purchasing decision that fits your needs.


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