Best KingCamp Chairs for 2019 and Why You Need One

best kingcamp camping chairs

It is always good to take time off from work and rest. While many use their leisure time for vacation and touring, others invest theirs in camping and having a good rest away from home.

You definitely won’t be standing or walking about aimlessly during your camping; you will be needing tools such as tents and camping chairs. There are many camping chairs readily available in the market but what separates them are their quality and portability.

You wouldn’t want a camping chair that will be a burden to you so it is better to go for one that gives you the much-desired comfort. We have taken the time to take into account the stock of camping chairs in the market and we found KingCamp models a better option.

We have made some selections from available KingCamp chairs and selected the best five. These chairs measure up to standard in their lightweight and other impressive features that will assure your comfort.




KingCamp Company Info

It will be a good approach if we take a look at the company behind KingCamp chairs. KingCamp chairs are from the stable of KingCamp Outdoor and Products Company. The company is one of the biggest and pioneer manufacturing companies in China and specializes in outdoor and camping products.

The company partners with Italian, Korean and Taiwan companies and has been in the global market since 1997. The company has about 100 recognized dealers in China and about 30 distributors across the world.

Its services cuts across tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs, rucksacks, backpacks, camp kitchens, lighting, waterproof coats, windproof pants, and jackets.

Now that we know what KingCamp stands for, let’s dig into the subject:






Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is common to find pertinent questions on product reviews. The questions are there because users want to know what the product has to offer and what makes it better than its competitors.

There have been questions repeated overtimes on KingCamp chairs and answers are offered to some of them. You can now make an assessment of the product you want to purchase and decide whether to continue with the purchase or not.

Here are some frequently asked questions on KC chairs and their suitable answers:


What is the maximum weight that a KingCamp Chair supports?

There are many KingCamp chairs out there and each is designed with a suitable weight capacity. The weight of a KingCamp chair supports is based on its body and dimension. The supposedly lowest weight capacity is about 260lbs.

The maximum weight that KC model supports is 300 lbs. The 300lbs or 136kg weight is the maximum weight for now.

Do these chairs rust?

The question of whether KingCamp chair rust or not is dependent on the body. KingCamp chairs that are constructed with a steel frame are prone to rust when exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain.

When properly tucked away from the harsh weather, they can last for years without rusts.

What are these chairs made of?

KingCamp chairs are designed for the users’ comfort. KingCamp is notable for designing chairs with steel frames and anodized steel. The steel frame, however, seems to be the most popular because it’s a feature present on many models and only a few users could’ve spotted the anodized steel.

So KingCamp chairs are made of steel frames and anodized steel.

This was our take on KingCamp chairs. We’re pretty convinced that at least one of these suits your needs. Would love to hear your feedback, though, so feel free to leave a comment below and get this party started!


  1. Do you have any way of getting in touch with kingcamp? I can’t reset my password on their website. I never get the email when I fill out the form. On top of that, I really don’t think I forgot my password. It simply no longer signs me into their site. Neither of the phone numbers are working–at least from the USA even though I tried with the help of Sprint all day long after trying all month long. One of the numbers is supposed to be a 24/7 customer support. No one responds to my emails. On my other orders, no one responded either but the items did arrive in about one month. My last order never arrived. I ordered a tent back in the beginning of June and it’s not here. The camping trip is nearly here. I am unable to get a reply on their facebook pages either. I am at a loss. Do you know of anything I can do?


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