What is 600D Polyester and How Strong Is It Really?

600D polyester is one of the most utilized fabrics when manufacturing bags. While nylon is a popular choice too, polyester is arguably the most commonly used fabric in this post-cotton era.

Additionally known as the pack cloth, it has been billed as a less expensive material and comes in a variety of colors, giving you the choice to pick the ones you deem fit. The availability of several colors makes it a top choice for backpacks, camping chairs, and schoolbags which are largely intended for school kids.

It also comes at affordable prices which makes it a better choice over nylon. As with the saying that “you get what you pay for,” the backpacks are the exact illustration of this phrase.

There are figures assigned to each material that are designed to quantify the level of thickness. The focus of this article is the 600D polyester.

Polyester fabrics are made available in several thicknesses which include 600D, 300D, and more. While some of the deniers, such as the 300D, are lightweight fabric, it falls in the heavy-duty category.

Irrespective of the fabric you choose, each has its own benefits and weaknesses, and are used for various situations which are unique.


The ‘D’ behind every type such as the 600D, is used to denote Denier. In this regard, ‘Denier’ is a unit of measurement which is used to calculate the degree of thickness or density of yarn. Denier is originally designed to quantify the various sizes of silk strands.

Also, the unit of measurement, Denier, is useful for describing the total thickness of a fabric which is the extension of the degree of thickness of a yarn. Consequently, it should be noted that the higher the number behind the ‘D’, the higher the thickness of the fabric. Likewise, the lower the figure placed behind the ‘D’, the lower the thickness of the fabric.


Benefits of 600D Polyester

As earlier noted, each denier figure has its own benefits and the circumstance to which it is accustomed. In this manner, we will take a look at some of the advantages..

  • It is a heavy-duty fabric;
  • It is suitable for use with top quality backpacks, luggage, rugged computer or device cases, et cetera;
  • It is a very durable material and has a good degree of thickness.


The Strength of 600 Denier Polyester

Alongside 500D nylon, 400D nylon, and 1680D, 600D polyester is one of the favorites of many designers, particularly because of its renowned durability, strength, and the affordable prices it’s actually available in.

Usually, when deciding on which fabric to use during the product development phase, there is a focus on the physical appearance alongside the strength it holds in order to know if such fabric can offer great results under the circumstance of use.

These decisions, many times, are based on the experiences one has had and personal opinions.

However, we will take a look at the strength to see how it compares with other fabrics and to see if the tensile strength comparison gives it an advantage.


How Strong is the 600D Polyester?

close up of black backpack with leather strapsAs it has been frequently noted in this article that it is easily one of the most commonly utilized fabrics for backpacks, we need to examine here if the material is really strong enough.

In most cases, the belief is that it’s strong enough which is one of the major reasons why it is being commonly used for production.

In this regard, you should note that the 600D is more than strong enough for manufacturing a backpack or school bag which are both put to daily use.

In another way, it might not be the perfect fabric for those who are hoping to or already developing super durable, military-grade backpacks.

You should also take hone that the backing material of the fabric can potentially make the most significant difference. For instance, the 600D that has PVC as its backing is around 2.4 times stronger than the PU backing which comes with a certain 600D fabric. Unfortunately, PVC has been banned in several countries as a result of safety concerns.



The Abrasion Resistance of 600D Polyester

Having looked at the strength, we can say that it holds a good amount of strength. Nonetheless, tensile strength isn’t the only indicator of an excellent fabric. The abrasion resistance is equally important when determining the durability of any fabric. As a result, we will be highlighting the features in relation to the resistance.

It is able to hold well even after 25,600 cycles which is asking really much. Consequently, any backpack should last for years if used under fair and normal conditions.

Nonetheless, the 500D nylon and the 1050D nylon have shown why they are referred to as military-grade materials. The two materials show very negligible difference before and after 25,600 cycles.


What is an Abrasion Test?

An abrasion test is a way by which the performance of a fabric is simulated under normal and daily use and conditions. Nonetheless, the abrasion test may not be always sufficient to obtain the difference between fabrics that are particularly very tough.


Is the 600D Polyester Waterproof?

The fabric comes into many shapes and forms. To become waterproof, it has to go through a process called PU(Polyurethane) coating.

The fabric gets sprayed with the coating material, this way becoming water repellant. Nevertheless, when going shopping for items made out of 600D PVC, make sure you check out the label as well – to confirm the waterproof features.


Why is 600D Polyester Commonly Used?

woman wearing white shirt and red backpack with tan brown strapsYou may have wondered ‘Why is the 600 denier polyester so popular among manufacturers despite not being the strongest fabric or the most affordable?’

Why is Cordura not being utilized by outdoor brands for every product? The answer to these questions is simple. It’s just half the total price of the 500D nylon. Materials such as Cordura, the 1000D nylon, and the 500D nylon are much more expensive than the 600D.

Hence, it becomes a good choice because of the price it comes as well as being one of the toughest fabrics on the market. It makes the job of manufacturers easier and more profitable.

Another reason why is regularly used for the production of bags and other items is that it is not prone to fading under Ultraviolet rays, just like most materials. This characteristic is unlike that of nylon which can easily fade in Ultraviolet rays. This implies that it is UV resistant. It lasts for a long period of time and also washes well.


Application of 600D Polyester in Everyday Products

It is used for various purposes and can be in several products. Below are some of them:


Sports Bags

The 600D fiber has the ability to hold heavy loads which becomes essential regarding sports. Sports bags are used to carry heavy items and need to be cleaned as often as they are used.

It fits the two characteristics of heavy load and ease of cleaning. Take a look at our article where we talk about the Teton Sports Scout 3400, aa sports bag made of 600D polyester to ensure that it will withstand into the harshest environments.


Backpacks or Luggage

For those who travel a lot, it’s a good choice as it is able to absorb all the pressure of wear and tear arising from shuttling from place to place.

The fact that it comes in different colors makes it even more fun as you can choose your preferred color to stand out from the crowd while on a trip.


Indoor Covers

The fabric is able to protect household items. Many fabrics come as flameproof, waterproof, and water repellent, making the task of covering household items easier.



Overall, the 600 denier polyester, alternatively called the 600D polyester, is a classic fabric used in the production of many day-to-day items, even for children camp chairs. It comes as a very durable material, has good stability, and of high quality.

It is a good value for money as earlier noted in the article as it is cheaper in price compared to its nylon and Cordura contemporaries. If you want a material that is suitable for embroidery and for transfer printing, the 600D fiber is always a great choice.

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